The Realization That Changed My Life

We are all infinite spiritual beings. Yes, I'm sure you've heard this before.

The struggle though, is we can often get so locked into the pain that comes with this human experience that we forget how expansive and abundant we actually are. Forgetting this can leave us feeling stuck in negative cycles and stagnant in our pursuit of something more meaningful in life.

Some are so lost in this world, they think there's more pain than pleasure, more fear than peace & so many have accepted this as 'just life.'

In fact, I've been there. When I hit my own rock bottom, I questioned the point of it all. Why was I existing if only to experience so much anxiety, saddness, frustration? I didn't want any of it.

I spent years in cycles of self-hate, self-harm, anxiety and depression before I had a realization that shifted the course of my whole life.

I realized - while it wasn't my fault I was abused, abandoned, or experienced trauma, it WAS ENTIRELY MY RESPONSIBILITY to heal from it.

Taking responsibility like this can be a hard thing to do, especially if you've spent a greater part of your life acting from a mindset of hopelessness and hurt. This responsibility requires you to take control and step into your power - a difficult thing to do when you are indeed STILL hurting.

But it CAN be done.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, we ALL experience pain and we ALL need healing. Your journey of healing goes hand-in-hand with your spiritual journey. Inner healing IS a spiritual experience.

It is also each individual person's responsibility to take action to heal, no one else can make you do it or do it for you.

It has to be YOU doing it for YOU.

In order to become aware of our infinite potential, we must clear out the fog of where we have been, step into the light of who we truly are, and fully acknowledge and embrace the abundance available to us. Only then can we experience life with more pleasure than pain, more peace than fear.

Right now this blog is my means of communicating the personal evolution I have experienced and continue to experience and I hope something here inspires you to take action and helps you in some way along your own journey.

Welcome to The Soul Oasis blog, thank you for reading my first little blog post, I'm excited for what's to come and so happy to have you here!

Always feel free to reach out, connect with me and share your thoughts on anything you find in this blog that sparks something within you.