How To Get Affirmations To Actually Work

We all ‘know about’ affirmations but how do they actually work and how do we really start experiencing the benefits from them?

Any repetitive negative thoughts can eventually become strong-rooted beliefs within us that hold us back and limit our perception of what we think is possible for us. It can negatively impact your self-esteem, confidence, inner peace, relationships, and more.

Affirmations are a great tool to help reprogram your mind both on a conscious and subconscious level. By introducing a new way of thinking to replace these negative, limiting beliefs with positive, empowering ones, we train our brain to get in the habit of thinking in a way that supports us.

The KEY for getting affirmations to work is consistency. Positive thinking is a muscle you need to work out and continue exercising in order to maintain the sexy figure of a healthy and positive mind.

If you’re not repetitive and consistent with your affirmations, they won’t work. It’s as simple as that. You can’t expect an affirmation to magically just work after you say it 5 times. Just like you wouldn't expect your body to be very much stronger after only working out 5 times.

And just like you can't work out for a few months and then never work out again, but expect your body to remain the same...your mind is the same way, you have to maintain the changes reached from your consistency.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you get into a habit of journaling your affirmations with your morning cup of coffee or listening to them on the drive to work, it can be simple and effective.

The following are a few powerful ways to practice affirmations ~ consistently:

Mirror: Take your current affirmation, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say your affirmation out loud to yourself 5 times. Don’t rush it, speak slowly & clearly. (It’s going to feel weird at first but it gets easier.) Do this when you first wake up and right before you sleep.

Voice: Use your voice memo on your phone to record yourself saying your affirmation 5 times. Listen to yourself say it, play it, replay it & repeat it out loud or in your head. Do this as many times a week as you can. (No need to be obsessive about it, just be repetitive and consistent.)

Journal: Get out your journal, take your current affirmations, and write them down. Write them down again. And just continue writing it over and over for a whole minute or until you fill the page or at least 15 times in a row for each affirmation, write slowly and clearly. (Improved penmanship is a dope bonus.)


  • You can mix and match different exercises into your routine.

In fact, I suggest incorporating a few different exercises for maximum results, as long as you’re sticking to the same few affirmations. (Which leads me to the next point.)

  • Only focus on working with 1-3 affirmations at a time and try to keep them similar, this will be more effective. It’s going to take a lot longer for you to reprogram if you work on 3 totally different topics at a time bc you’re mind is going to be multi-tasking rather than focusing on improving one thing. I suggest picking a topic and using 3 affirmations to fit.

For example: Use three different self-love related affirmations rather than a self-love affirmation, a career affirmation, and a fitness affirmation.

  • Set a time frame for yourself to practice your specific affirmations, I suggest a minimum of 21 consecutive days.

Once this time is up you can either continue, take a break, or work with new affirmations.

  • Always use the present tense.

Instead of saying things like "I want to love myself" or "I will love myself." Speak as if it is already true and already your reality. "I love myself."

  • Again try your best to be consistent, remember this is a mental habit you’re shifting so you have to be consistent enough to break the old habit and nurture your new one.

Below is a list of topics and affirmations to use as either inspiration for creating your own affirmations or you can use some of your favorite ones shared here.


  • I accept who I am, without the need to judge myself negatively.

  • I let go of the things that no longer serve me.

  • I am a strong powerful human being. I am enough.

  • I allow myself to feel deeply & give myself space to heal.

  • I create healthy boundaries & I honor them.

  • I nurture myself, physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually.

  • I release the negative self-talk & embrace the kind & positive.

  • I forgive myself & learn from my mistakes.


  • I love & appreciate my body. I am grateful for all it does for me.

  • Loving myself comes naturally & effortlessly.

  • I love myself more & more every single day.

  • I love the person I am becoming.

  • I approve of myself & release the need for external validation.

  • I have a healthy & loving relationship with my body.

  • I radiate at the frequency of love.

  • I love myself because I deserve my love.


  • I am self-motivated & determined.

  • I can overcome anything.

  • I can do anything I set my mind to.

  • I learn, grow & keep getting better at what I do.

  • I believe in myself & my abilities.

  • I trust in myself & always do my best.

  • I welcome challenges with confidence.

  • I am smart, I am capable, I am competent.


  • I am at peace with my past & present.

  • I hold a judgment-free & loving space for myself.

  • I can always access peace from within.

  • I honor my need for slowness & silence.

  • I navigate life from a place of inner calm & serenity.

  • I am grateful for what I have & where I am.

  • With every exhale, I feel the tension in my body ease.

  • I am safe.


  • I am connected & protected.

  • I am always supported & always loved.

  • The Universe is always conspiring to support me.

  • I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my spiritual journey.

  • My intuition is strong & I listen to it.

  • I am open & willing to receive divine guidance.

  • I fully trust in Source & allow it to guide me.

  • I let go of limited thinking & embrace infinite possibility.

The journey with affirmations is one that requires some patience, but they are a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can wonderfully supplement your healing & personal growth journey in many abundant ways!