5 Ways To Align Yourself With a Healthy & Fulfilling Life

Do you crave a vibrant, healthy life full of creative inspiration, spiritual fulfillment, and authentic, meaningful connections?

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think any of these things would ever be possible for me. I truly felt I was forever doomed to the unending frustrations, anxiety, and negativity cycles I experienced while functioning in life from survival mode.

When I finally began to take more accountability for my life and take action towards creating one that felt aligned & expansive, I realized just how important it is to be intentional when creating a life you love.

In order to manifest the life you truly desire, you must align yourself as an energetic match for that life.

Here are a few ways to align yourself and be more intentional in creating a life that feels peaceful, fun & abundant.

1. Prioritize your life

Priorities play a huge part in creating a healthy, vibrant life. If you are focusing your time & energy on things that aren’t healthy, productive, or in alignment with your goals, you’re not going to move forward in the direction you want to go in life.

Decide on the most positive, important, and necessary things you should be doing in your life that support you in maintaining a healthy, balanced and productive lifestyle.

Keeping a healthy mind, body & soul will build a strong foundation for managing the struggles and challenges of life. This way you can experience abundance in a healthy, fulfilling, and lasting way.

Ask yourself; Do the things I do on a daily basis:

  • Align with my values?

  • Add meaning to my life?

  • Get me closer to reaching my goals?

  • Help me maintain a strong foundation (a healthy mind, body & soul)?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can identify what habits support you and what habits hold you back, as well as decide what things you want to hold space for in your life and what things you're not willing to give any more of your time and energy to.

2. Learn & Grow

Moving forward into a vibrant life involves growth but we can’t grow if we aren’t learning. Maintaining a childlike curiosity and wonder will help you to be a student of life, always open, asking, learning, and working to understand new ideas and perspectives.

Growth can force us outside of our comfort zone and challenge us in many ways but there are also many ways for us to combat those feelings and challenges.

By building up our confidence, drive and resilience, we can move past the uncomfortable moments of growth we will experience when creating the life of our dreams and appreciate how it’s allowing us to grow and get us closer to where we want to be.

Here are some affirmations to support this learning & growth mindset:

  • I learn something new from every situation I find myself in.

  • I am always learning more and I choose to do so with sparkling curiosity.

  • Every day, in every way, I am growing.

  • I look forward to and embrace challenges as opportunities to grow.

3. Aligned Action

When creating a life you love, you need to get crystal clear on two main things; your vision and your WHY.

Define what this life looks and feels like to you; where are you living, what are you doing, what does it feel like?

Then get super clear on WHY you want this for yourself, list out all the reasons you want this future and why you are worthy of living this life.

Once you have a clear vision and know your WHY, you need to create an action plan so you have a focused direction for getting you there.

In order to get there:

  • What limiting beliefs do you need to overcome?

  • What kind of support would help you get there?

  • Where can you find this support?

  • What actions do you need to be taking consistently on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, that guide you in the direction of living this life?

Set reminders for yourself to regularly go back to your vision, your why, and your aligned actions to help keep you focused as you go on this journey.

Also, keep in mind there are always “shortcuts” to an abundant life, but these “shortcuts” often only lead to short-term success, not lasting fulfillment. This isn’t to say that if it’s easy it’s not worth it, you don’t need to force yourself to make everything harder than it needs to be, but remember to take a path that not only honors your values but is positively supporting your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

This decision will keep you motivated and feeling at peace within yourself, not to mention how much more proud you will feel knowing everything you did to get there was done in an aligned way with positive energy.

4. Listen to your intuition

Your intuition is there to guide you, ground you and keep you centered. In order to take aligned action, you need to also know what your innermost self is trying to tell you and in what direction your soul is trying to guide you. To know this, you must take the time and make the space to really listen to your intuition and hear what it is saying.

Sit in silence, meditate and breathe.

Allow outside voices to quiet and let go of all the external and internal negativity and judgments you hold onto about yourself. Identify how you are feeling about your life right now, how does it differ from the way you feel when you visualize the life you desire? Allow your intuition to awaken the path to the life you want to create. Tune into your inner self & acknowledge the things that come to the surface.

This act of surrender will help especially in times of crossroads and indecisiveness. Allow your intuition to flow through and lead the way, this takes a lot of pressure off of you and eases the worries of making the “right” decision.

5. Protect your energy

Protecting your energy is probably one of the most important things you can do to initiate and support the creation of your dream life.

This means providing yourself the protection you need so you can have a safe space for healing, growth, and inner evolution.

You must be able to cut yourself off from any toxic people, environments, and/or habits that are holding you back and hindering your ability to feel supported.

Make it a priority to surround yourself with positive environments and like-minded people who will join you in celebrating your wins, help pump you up at your low points, and unconditionally support you in your journey.

When you have a tribe around you (however big or small) supporting you in your journey, it makes this process of alignment & creation flow so much more effortlessly. Find the people who are willing to learn, grow and build alongside you, support and love like this is an invaluable gift.

Now that you have some tangible actions to take that will help you on the journey of creating a healthy, fulfilling life, what are you waiting for?

Stop waiting to feel ‘ready’! Make the decision to step into alignment and take action towards creating a vibrant life! You will find that waiting to feel ‘ready’ was only ever an excuse to continue putting off your dreams and procrastinating manifesting a life you truly desire.

Get out there and start aligning yourself!