• my coffee iced & tea piping hot

  • collecting shells & sea glass on the beach

  • reading tarot, oracle or a good book

  • taking a gamillion photos anywhere I go

  • writing music, songs & poems

  • endless inspiration & soulful creation

  • exploring & connecting with nature


For years, before my spiritual and healing journey, I was struggling with the effects of abuse and trauma, ‘stuck’ in negative cycles and desperately searching for some sense of peace and meaning in my life.

After diving deep into my own journey of evolution, I learned a lot about spirituality and healing, not only from personal experience but also from educating myself on various topics through research, workshops and certifications.

I began to share my experiences online and offer my support to others seeking similar healing and spiritual fulfillment. It was through this that I realized, being vulnerable about my healing and open about what I now know, was actually helping people. Soon, connecting with others and offering soul support to those on their own journey became my passion.

At this point in my life, I have not only learned how to create my own inner-peace and cultivate a self-relationship that is healthier than ever before, but I am now also able to find alignment, fulfillment and happiness in my spirituality, lifestyle and relationships.

I am still on my journey, and as I continue to heal and evolve, I plan to keep creating things that inspire and support others to heal, find freedom and create a vibrant life of infinite potential.

Take some time to explore the different things I have to offer here within The Soul Oasis & feel free to reach out if you ever feel called to express your thoughts, opinions or suggestions.